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Check out a really interesting Healing with Camel Milk Facebook Group. This group started in May 2011 and is connecting parents of children suffering from a variety of GI tract/autism-related conditions. They are trying camel milk with their children and posting their observations, questions, etc. It's very interesting and exciting.

Little miracle that's camel milk
Reprinted from the December 5, 2010 edition of The Standard, Nairobi's Daily Newspaper

When a friend suggested camel milk as therapy for Rose Mwango's autistic son, six-year-old Shaun Keno, she had little faith it would work.

She had tried about almost everything, with little success, and thought camel milk was just one of the "miracle" cures that were bound to fail.

Regardless, she was pleasantly surprised. After taking camel milk for some time, Shaun, who could hardly talk since the age of two, and had difficulties following instructions, became calmer and more focused.

'I would say it is a miracle,' says Mwango. 'I thought I had lost my son forever, but the camel milk brought him back to me,' she says joyfully as her second-born son plays at her feet.

The youngster, now studying at St. Bakhita Kindergarten, relates with the peers that he detested before, has a longer attention span and better sleeping patterns. He eats better, too, and his digestive problems have disappeared.

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