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  • Camel Milk: the wonder food from the desert
    By Claus Vogt, Spiegel Online, Sep 19, 2013[Read story online]

    By Paul Caridad, Visual News, Oct 10, 2011[Read story online]

  • Camel milk hits the big screen
    By Vesela Todorova, The National, Oct 1, 2011[Read story online]

  • Dubai camel dairy milks health food market
    By BRIAN MURPHY, The Associated Press, Aug 20, 2010[Read story online]

  • Six “Green” Reasons To Drink Camel’s Milk
    By Tafline Laylin, Green Prophet, Aug 10, 2010[Read story online]

  • Camel milk approval faces hump in the road
    By , Associated Press/CBC, Jul 15, 2010[Read story online]

  • Camel milk is set to go on sale in British supermarkets
    By Daily Mail Reporter, Mail On-line (Daily Mail), Jul 11, 2010[Read story online]

  • Benefits of Camel's Milk for Children with Autism and Neuro-integrational immuniological challenges
    By Carin Smit, Autism, Feb 10, 2010   pdf-icon Download PDF

  • Health Benefits of Camel's Milk
    By , Food Quad (Health magazine by Ayushva), Dec 20, 2009[Read story online]

  • Dutch camel farm gains credibility
    By Paul Henley, BBC News, Cromvoirt, Oct 1, 2009[Read story online]

  • Camel milk: the dairy product of the future
    By Anthony Fletcher,, Apr 18, 2006[Read story online]

  • Study shows camel's milk helps children get over hump of food allergies
    By Judy Siegel-Itzkovich, The Jerusalem Post, Dec 11, 2005[Read story online]

  • Camel's milk may treat Aids, cancer
    By Eman Al Baik, Khaleej Times Online, Dec 27, 2004[Read story online]

  • Camel's milk to treat diabetes
    By [staff writer], Medical News Today, Dec 22, 2004[Read story online]

  • Camels could help cure humans
    By North Afric correspondent David Bamford, BBC News, Dec 9, 2001[Read story online]


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