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The purpose of this website is to share information about the health benefits and medicinal qualities of camel milk and to promote clinical research of camel milk to explore it’s potential to improve the health of people suffering from Crohn’s Disease, food allergies and other auto-immune disorders.

September 2010

This journey started in July 2005 when our 19-year-old son became very ill with an intestinal parasite. Six months after the initial infection he was very seriously ill, despite the best efforts of a team medical experts. By happenstance we saw an article in an Israeli newspaper about work that an Israeli veterinary doctor was doing with camel's milk to help children suffering from a variety of severe food allergies. Through dogged determination, luck and mostly importantly, help from a host of strangers we were able to obtain the only thing that was able to help our son recover--camel's milk. We wouldn't wish this journey on anyone else and our hope is that the information on this web site will help other desperate family members who find themselves in a similar situation.

Over the course of the following weeks we will be posting as much information as we can that we feel is helpful.



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